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Here at Stairlift Comfort Specialists, we supply and install a wide range of stairlifts in Alviso CA which offer a safe and reliable solution to those who have restricted access in their home. We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be when the upstairs of your home becomes a restricted area due to disability or old age. That’s why we are able to provide the area of Alviso with assisted living aids that can help you maintain your independence, stay safe within your home as well as manage certain conditions better.

The team here at Stairlift Comfort Specialists are dedicated to putting our customers first regardless of their specific requirements and needs. Check out the cost of stairlifts at Alviso Stair Lifts and find out more about pricing today!

Straight Stairlifts

straight stair lift

We have a full range of straight stair lifts and can make them to most specifications and size.

Curved Stairlifts

curved stair lift

We can custom build our curved stair lifts to meet your exact requirements.

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Matching your requirements to a specific product is something we are fully experienced in. Not only do we ensure you receive the best stairlift for you, we will also work close to you in order to ensure that the product works around your personal situation.

Do I need a stair lift?

Do I Need A Stairlift?

Here at Stairlift Comfort Specialists, we believe that our stairlifts are designed for people who believe they have limited mobility within their home. For instance, people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis, as well as those who have unfortunately lost strength and flexibility simply from old age or following an operation.

If you live in a home which has more than one floor, stairlifts will give you the ability to have full access to your property as well as retaining your independence. We are online specialists when it comes to disabled stairlift measuring.

If you are considering having a stairlift installed there are some important considerations that you should make before going ahead. If you have very little mobility, then a stairlift may not be the right choice for you. Our stairlifts are designed for those who are able to walk short distances but have trouble getting up and down stairs. Most stair lifts need the user to be able to sit down and bend their knees, if this is something you are restricted from doing, don’t panic; give us a call today and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Straight - vs- Curved

Straight Stairlift Or Curved?

This is the biggest consideration when it comes to installing a stair lift in your home. For some this question may be straightforward, however, for others this could be quite challenging. We understand that not all staircases are straightforward; some have quarter landings others are half turn and some are even curved. This is why we offer both straight and curved stairlifts; our curved stairlifts are completely arranged and are each crafted in order to meet the dimensions and curves of your stairs. On the other hand, our straight stairlifts have a much more simpler approach.

A member of our experienced and friendly team are able to visit your home in order to measure specific parts of your staircase which will be required in order to meet your requirements.

If you are interested in our free disabled stairlift measuring service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 877-530-6678.

Local Info

Working In Alviso California

From Alviso’s notoriety in the Victorian era and Californias popularity among the local officials, this is an area steeped in history. Working close to Alviso gives us the accessibility to travel to Alviso in order to provide customers with our free measuring and installation service.

  • United Veterans Council of Santa Clara County - EVENTS

    FOUR CHAPLINS - Interfaith Memorial Service This service is open to all vet eras organization, patriotic and fraternal organizations, scouting groups,and individuals who want to share in a tribute to Four Chaplains of differing faiths who, in brotherhood, gave their life so others may have a second chance at living theirs.

  • South Bay Restoration-Alviso Ponds

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Alviso, San Jose

Alviso is a neighborhood in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California, and until 1968, it was an independent city of the same name. It is located approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of Drawbridge, at the north end of San José where it meets the southern end of the San Francisco Bay and borders the cities of Milpitas, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara.

The Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek both end at Alviso, emptying into the Bay through Alviso Slough and Mud Slough. Alviso is the lowest point in the San Francisco Bay Area at 13 feet (4.0 m) below sea level.[2] Throughout the 20th Century, Alviso has been victim to severe flooding most recently in 1983 and 1995.[3]

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Due to us working in Alviso, we are available to work within Alviso at any time. We work Monday �” Saturday, 8am �” 5pm and during our working hours we aim to provide our professional disabled stairlift services to all of our customers who requires them. We also provide a free measuring service within these hours, so if you feel as though that our free disabled stairlift measuring service could benefit you, please call us today on 877-530-6678.

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